Attract motivated attendees to public seminars for big cases, “Direct to the Chair” Individual appointments and new movers

A Rapidly Changing Marketplace

With the increased pressure coming from constant changes in technology, education and marketing, a dental practice must continually adapt to stay competitive. Those that don’t adapt risk losing patients and relevance in their market. Many practices resort to modeling their competitors or investing thousands of dollars in new technology and marketing with no guarantee that their practice will grow.

Leading Response is the leader in direct marketing to Americans aged 50 and older. Dental practices can now benefit from our 20 years plus experience and more than 500,000 face-to- face events marketed to this group that will attract more large fee for service cases including Dental Implants, Sleep Apnea, Orthodontic, Restorative and Cosmetic. Response occurs within days, not months of the execution of your Leading Response campaign.

Seminar Success®

Seminar Success put’s you face to face with qualified and motivated attendees in a dinner-and-presentation setting. Prospects can be prescreened about their individual dental issue to ensure quality. You can present the full value of expertise, respond directly to concerns, and generate consultations at the event

Direct to The Chair

An effective alternative to group seminars, the Direct to The Chair Individual Appointment Program generates appointments for large case procedures directly to your office. Prospects call to schedule an appointment and are screened for quality. They receive a restaurant gift card in exchange for agreeing to a treatment plan

New Movers

Instead of competing with dozens of other practices mailing the same “New Movers Mailing List,” Leading Response tracks new movers by their cell phone and Computer Information. Get an edge over your competitors by targeting new residents online and by mail weeks before traditional new movers mailing lists become available.

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