Estate Planning Marketing Solutions

Better Seminar Marketing Results for Estate Planning Attorneys & Elder Law Attorneys

Targeted Seminar Event Marketing Platforms

Grow your law practice through our proven direct mail and digital marketing programs, and optimize your live face-to-face seminar events by using a targeted approach. By specifically targeting your ideal prospects and consistently analyzing the response to thousands of monthly seminar marketing campaigns, we deliver a sophisticated strategy and consistent results while keeping it easy for you.

We incorporate real-time information from thousands of seminar marketing campaigns and 4.5 million targeted households each month. Using our proven Seminar Success® formula, relevant content and optimized creative are matched up with the right location and targeted audience to deliver consistent marketing results for your business.

Successful marketing strategies begin with a plan, but are driven by people. What better way to start than working with a knowledgeable marketing consultant who has access to proprietary information and millions of response records? Once your plan is set, let our team of professionals act as an extension of your office and take you to the finish line.

Seminar Success® Direct Marketing

The Seminar Success® program includes personal level consulting to guide you through the entire process, demographic segmentation, geographical analysis, content development and copyrighting, optimized creative design and layout, and access to priceless information that will help you achieve success. Attorneys using this powerful program consistently generate an amazing 300%-500% return on their marketing dollars.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Our digital marketing solutions use social media and digital media outlets to reach targeted audiences and generate registrations for your seminar events. We use over 2 million records of seminar responders to generate a lookalike audience to target your prospects on Facebook and Instagram. One huge advantage of digital marketing is that it garners responses from prospects who may not otherwise respond to traditional direct mail pieces.

How It Works

engage potential clients


We use a wealth model database of over 112 million consumers, complete with in-depth data metrics. It allows us to zero-in on your specific criteria to accurately target qualified prospects for your public seminar events.

qualify prospects


We hone in on your ideal prospects using specific criteria such as age, income, net worth, income producing assets (IPA), proximity and more. By re-creating your specific client profile and down-selecting to specific criteria, we can target your ideal prospects to fill your events.

local distribution


Utilizing over 25 years of success and experience, we consult with you on best practices to market directly to your prospects in direct mail and digital marketing. We discuss your new client acquisition goals and develop a strategy to help you attain those goals. This is an area where everything matters, and we work with you to ensure that your message garners the attention, and response, it deserves.

new clients


Our primary objective is to help you fulfill your client acquisition goals through a proven, successful method. When our recommendations and best practices are followed and effectively utilized,  your book of business will grow!

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