Get Face-to-Face with Hundreds of Motivated Prospects with Seminar Success®

Meeting with people face to face gives you a far better chance of turning them into clients.

Our proof: the Seminar Success® program has connected more than 22 million consumers to businesses like yours.

Here’s how hyper-local targeting works.

Step 1: The Right List

We possess a vast database targeting prospects by age, income, ZIP code, and other identifiers.

As a result, most direct mail pieces yield a 1.5 to 3% response rate, depending on client specifications and alterations.

Step 2: The Right Invitation

LeadingResponse has decades of experience in hyper-local targeting. We deliver invitations that attract the most visitors.

Once the prospect opens the invitation, he or she begins to see the value the seminar holds, and wants to learn more.

Step 3: The Right Offer

Once a prospect opens your seminar invitation, they still need an incentive to send in an RSVP and commit to attending.

That incentive is the comfortable restaurant setting and complimentary meal.

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