Our proprietary software evaluates performance at every turn.

Improve your client acquisition process with our proprietary workflow software.

What good is a lead if it doesn’t convert?

LeadingResponse has the data to identify the highest performing leads in our industry.

We have also developed the only software offering our clients lead management visibility, including intake processes.

Secure, Cloud-Based Software

Our secure online software, LMS, is available from anywhere at any time. Your data is protected with user time restrictions and permissions and segmented, encrypted databases.

Performance Monitoring

Manage your intake staff performance by viewing the number of contacts made, call attempts, leads converted, documents signed and appointments created.

This unique tool gives you a great way to incentivize your staff!

Customized Workflows

The Lead Management System’s automated pre-screening processes, workflows and reporting is set up for your specific business or industry. Transfer lead data with compatible APIs as needed.


Our new SmartConnect feature scores incoming leads for quality within the LMS, so your staff always knows who to contact first. SmartConnect is currently available to LeadingResponse clients using our proprietary LMS software.

Drip Campaign Management

Automate drip marketing email campaigns to increase your lead conversion and provide initial customer contact outside of business hours.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Measure quality across multiple marketing channels: online leads provided by LeadingResponse, third-party online lead providers, TV, radio, direct mail and more.

Call Center Queue Management

Get your best people handling your best leads with targeted call center agent allocation options based on prospect age, time zone and geography.

Integrate the SmartConnect power dialer to boost productivity, increase contact rates and improve employee morale.

Integrated Appointment Calendar

Maintain an appointment calendar with scheduling reminders available in a single location.

E-Document Handling

Get retainer documents, contracts and sales orders signed seamlessly with the Lead Management System’s online e-document management tool.

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