Consulting: Where Goals and Experience Meet in Perfect Harmony

consultingWe are committed to excellence and truly invested in the prosperity of the businesses we provide services to. At LeadingResponse, we don’t just sell leads and marketing programs—we partner with you to optimize and convert your investment into new, profitable business.

Over the last several years our business has grown by leaps and bounds. What was once two separate companies excelling in the legal and financial markets is now a full-service client acquisition powerhouse among many. Along that journey we’ve gathered enough data to truly understand what methods work best in each industry we serve. This growth has allowed us to build our service offerings and resources to ensure that our clients are set up for success.

We are proud to offer you a dedicated, highly-qualified consulting team to share industry best practices and coach you through effective conversion techniques.  Whether it be improving the performance of your in-house call center staff through script writing or developing a strategy for a successful educational seminar, we have you covered.


  • Dedicated, highly qualified consulting team to share best practices that we’ve identified by working with some of the largest firms in the legal, financial, and franchise industries
  • Campaign analysis based on your actual performance metrics
  • Client conversion training
  • Client retention advice and strategies
  • Superior call center training
  • Devoted customer service
  • Regular phone conferences to ensure that your programs reach the best possible results.

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