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When your audience has the chance to engage with you—not just on social media, but on a personal, face-to-face basis—you turn prospects into clients and opportunities into revenue. The best way to do that is through  public seminars driven by targeted seminar marketing efforts. LeadingResponse has learned that hyper-local events are one of the most effective tactics for getting the right people to hear the right message and take the right action.

LeadingResponse uses RME360, its direct marketing arm, to turn your hyper-local seminar events into revenue-generating tools. RME360’s Seminar Success® program has connected more than 17 million consumers to businesses like yours. Here’s how our program sets you up for success:

STEP 1: The Right List

RME360’s vast database allows them to target prospects by age, income, zip code, and other identifiers. Most direct mail pieces yield a 1.5 – 3% response rate, depending on client specifications and alterations.

STEP 2: The Right Invitation

An invitation is the start of the process for every client.  This is where they begin to see how valuable your seminar is to them, and they become emotionally invested in what they can learn. But first, they have to open it. RME360 has decades of experience in delivering effective invitations that draw out the most visitors. LeadingResponse adds a hyper-targeted digital component that can accurately engage your prospects online by deploying the millions of respondent data records owned by RME360.

STEP 3: The Right Offer

Once prospects open the invitation, they still need the incentive to RSVP and then maintain their commitment to attend your seminar. RME360 has optimized the entire process—from the invitation they receive in the mail to the incentives they learn about while reserving their seat—so that you get the highest attendance from the best-targeted audience.

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