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People trust people—plain and simple. As critical as digital media has become in our lives, nothing is more engaging, influential, and motivating than looking someone in the eye and receiving a clear, undiluted message.

LeadingResponse uses RME360, its direct marketing arm, to target your audience through localized direct mail campaigns and set individualized, one-on-one appointments with your agents. To reach the right audience, we use a proven pre-qualification process to give you appointments only with those who meet your specific criteria. Originally developed for the financial services market, our unique concept has allowed advisors from around the country see their production surge.

In addition to our hyper-targeted campaigns, all respondents are call-verified through our call center, ensuring you get clients that meet your strict filtering criteria.

With a one-on-one meeting, a prospect is more engaged and far more likely to give you her/his full attention. She/he will show up to the meeting wanting to hear what you have to say and will be far more likely to convert to a client once you explain what you have to offer. By eliminating distractions and focusing on one person at a time, you can make a better long-term connection with your prospect.

Get face to face with highly engaged prospects. Reach out today to get a free consultation to find out what we can do for you.

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