How Most Leads Search for a Car Accident Lawyer Online

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If you’re a car accident lawyer targeting potential clients online, you need to know what words your prospects use in online search engines when they’re looking for someone like you. That’s partly because Google restricts certain advertising terms and targeting methods commonly used when promoting legal services online. But another reason to dig deeper comes from understanding user intent. What’s your ideal prospect typing into that search box? How many potential clients are you missing because your ad copy doesn’t match what they typed into Google? Let’s explore how to use this info to your firm’s advantage below!

Check Google Trends Data for Your Current Target Keywords

Using the right keywords to target leads can help you sign more clients without over-spending on search and display ads. If you’re not already tracking ROI and conversions for each marketing channel, you really should! However, lawyers at smaller firms often handle these tasks themselves at the end of each workday. If that describes you, then we have good news. You can start figuring things out using just one free online tool: Google Trends.

Step 1: Comparing Car Accident Lawyer vs. Auto Accident Lawyer

We work with many different firms specializing in auto accident claims. But which term do people hurt in car wrecks search for most: car accident lawyer, or auto accident lawyer?

As you can see, car accident lawyer searches recently peaked in April 2019 at 100. Over the past year, however, interest in that search term averaged around 70. Compare that to searches for auto accident lawyer during that same 12-month period, with just 16 average interest. That means more than 4x more people conduct online searches using “car accident lawyer” than type in “auto accident lawyer.” And while interest in the latter term jumped to 21, car accident lawyer searches surged to 87. In other words, that term’s the clear winner for interest and search volume alone.

Metro Areas Where Car Accident Lawyer Searches Are Most Popular

Interest levels can vary significantly by location. (Knowing what search term’s most popular in Hawaii won’t help Iowa lawyers, for example.) Here are the top 10 U.S. metro areas where car accident lawyer searches peaked during the last year:

  1. Corpus Christi, TX
  2. Las Vegas, NV
  3. Salt Lake City, UT
  4. West Palm Beach/Ft. Pierce, FL
  5. Phoenix, AZ
  6. Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne, FL
  7. Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville, SC
  8. Charlotte, SC
  9. Colorado Springs/Pueblo, CO
  10. Columbus, OH

And checking Google Trends metro area data can reveal even more insights. Notice when we hover over Corpus Christi, car accident lawyer search interest shows 100. Yet compare both terms, and auto accident lawyer search interest is down to 0. If your practice has a Corpus office, this information’s key for creating an effective online marketing campaign!

Notably, just two major metro areas use both terms interchangeably to look for legal services online. They appear equally popular in the last year’s online searches for Eugene, OR (50/50 split). Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem, NC comes in a close second, with car accident lawyer (52%) slightly edging ahead of auto accident lawyer (48%) in popularity.

Step 2: Related Queries Reveal More About What Potential Clients Want

Okay, so now we know where people are looking for a car accident lawyer. However, you can learn a lot from seeing what else they’re typing into that search box. Here are some top related queries for those lawyer-specific searches during the past year:

  • Injury lawyer
  • Car accident attorney
  • Lawyer for car accident
  • Personal injury lawyer
  • Car accident lawyer near me

Locations typically show up most often in these searches, like “car accident lawyer Houston.” But you may wish to promote your services to people using personal injury-related search terms, too.

What About Car Accident Lawyer vs. Car Accident Attorney?

You might think that attorney and lawyer are practically identical, as far as search keywords go. But in fact, you’d be wrong. We already know that car accident lawyer searches reached peak interest levels in April 2019. According to Google Trends data, as those searches spiked, car accident attorney searches just above half that interest level. So for every 100 people searching for the most popular term, about 50 typed “car accident attorney” instead.

As always, though, location matters in gauging user interest. Comparatively, car accident attorney searches are most popular in these U.S. states:

  1. Idaho (77%)
  2. Wyoming (56%)
  3. Oregon (52%)
  4. Utah (46%)
  5. Kansas (46%)
  6. Connecticut (45%)
  7. Louisiana (41%)

All other states fall below 40% in search interest for the last calendar year. As a result, car accident attorney searches are about half as popular compared to those looking specifically for a lawyer.

And car accident attorney appears in at least half of all online searches across these major metro areas:

  1. Monterey/Salinas, CA (61%)
  2. Corpus Christi, TX (54%)
  3. Eugene, OR (50%)
  4. San Antonio, TX (50%)
  5. Lincoln/Hastings-Kearney, NE (50%)

So if you’re looking for clients near these areas, why not a/b test your ad copy? Try swapping out lawyer for attorney in different ad campaigns from month to month. Then, you can easily see which search keyword generates the most leads (or converts best)!

Get High-Converting Auto Accident Leads Delivered in Real Time

Of course, you may not have time to track data like these (or manage your firm’s online ad campaigns). When firms partner with LeadingResponse for their client acquisition needs, this is the attention to detail they can expect. Our digital marketing experts track and adjust every campaign metric available to generate superior quality, high-converting leads for our clients.

Because we make constant improvements, we can meet each firm’s monthly lead volume needs without sacrificing quality. And according to internal client data, our auto accident leads currently have a greater than 50% conversion rate. LeadingResponse now delivers more than a million pre-qualified leads annually to our clients. Interested in learning how LeadingResponse can help grow your firm’s clientele as well as revenue? Use the contact form on this page to request your free lead volume estimate today.

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