The Undeniable Prospecting Power of Social Event Marketing

 In Financial Services

Over 20 years, 480,000 direct marketing campaigns and more than 17 million prospects later, my belief that consumers prefer meeting face-to-face when it comes to making important life decisions (like planning for retirement or buying a franchise) is as valid now as it was then. The formula for why people respond to direct mail hasn’t changed; if anything, we have validated the formula over and over again with our business model. But what has changed is how we’ve adapted over the years to grab the attention of consumers in the mailbox. And now, social event marketing plays an important role in attracting and retaining our clients.

Social Event Marketing Yields Valuable Prospective Client Data

Today, thanks to technology, we have data on behavior patterns, interests, hobbies and lifestyles, among many other things. We know that personalized invitations and direct mail pieces make an impact. We know that the audience that our financial advisor and franchise clients market to has become more guarded and confused about their options; they are bombarded with different messaging about when and how to buy and invest. We use social event marketing to help position our clients as trusted subject matter experts who can bring clarity to a very noisy marketplace.

The way we promote and market has expanded. Good marketers have to include social media and digital messaging in support of their direct marketing, but the psychology behind why prospects need to feel comfortable before meeting face-to-face hasn’t. Breaking bread in a neutral location through social event marketing allows for us to maintain that comfort level.

We also know that there is security in numbers. Seminar attendees feel more comfortable in a full restaurant with others who share their questions, needs and concerns. When consumers receive our direct mail and digital invitations, they see the name of the restaurant and realize the social component. Thus, we put attendees more at ease. That level of comfort is the strongest part of our social event marketing formula.

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