We’ll Grow Your Online Presence

Our SeminarConnect digital marketing system provides our clients with tremendous flexibility.

Precise geo-targeting fills every seminar with highly qualified, motivated attendees. What’s more, our digital marketing efforts will help you build a brand identity and online presence.

We model look-alike audiences pre-determined to be financially qualified. How? By using the LeadingResponse® proprietary responder database.

Then we use this data to drive seminar response through Facebook, Instagram, and other digital marketing platforms.


Affordable Options
LeadingResponse® provides the most cost-effective digital seminar solutions available. We can customize options to fit your budget and event space.

Exclusive Targeting
We’ve created target audiences using more than 4 million seminar responders. This helps ensure you get the most out of your seminars.

A Simple System
You avoid red tape, required training sessions, certifications, or multi-page contracts limiting you or prohibiting you from selling yourself at your seminars.

Presentation Flexibility
You may choose from our compliance-friendly Social Security, tax, and retirement planning presentations. Or, tell your story in your own words to connect with the audience.

Money-Back Guarantee
What happens if we don’t deliver for you? You will either get your money back, or we will apply a credit to a future campaign.

Real-Time Results
You get ongoing real-time access to your registrants via a robust RSVP interface. This allows you to build relationships with your guests before your seminar.

Data Forensics
Using data reporting and behavioral tracking programs, we have analytics down to an art. We use this information to optimize marketing concepts and campaigns.

Industry Experts
The SeminarConnect digital team has decades of experience meeting the needs of professional services firms.

Facebook Access
LeadingResponse® has a designated Facebook representative and direct access to unique programs, networks, and targeting options.

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