Attorneys in Mass Tort Cases Deliver Record Payouts for Victims

If you missed the record-breaking talc verdict against Johnson & Johnson on August 21, a California jury awarded $417 million. Eva Echeverria, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007, won $70 million in compensatory and $347 in punitive damages. While mass tort cases like Echeverria’s help victims get justice for their injuries, they also serve a higher purpose. Mass tort rulings help inform consumers about potential health risks from the drugs, medical devices and products they use. (more…)


Attorneys Prevail in Nearly 90% of VA Disability Appeals Cases

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) doesn’t always give disabled vets their rightfully owed VA disability benefits. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might realize, leaving VA disability appeals as the only option for many disabled vets. The Department of Veterans Affairs has mistakenly withheld millions of dollars in disability benefits from eligible disabled veterans. (more…)


SSDI Leads Expected to Pay Higher Legal Fees in 2017

Attorney Fred Tabak of Tabak Law in Milwaukee, WI moved into Social Security disability law 30 years into his career. He experimented with TV commercials, ads on billboards and other tactics to attract SSDI leads. Tabak even tried several different lead-gen companies until he found the right solution. “I’ve now eliminated all but LeadingResponse,” Tabak says. (more…)

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