Are Negative SEO Tactics Hurting Your Business?

If you generate leads from people who visit your company’s website, you’re probably familiar with SEO — which stands for Search Engine Optimization. The problem is, the SEO tactics that work today won’t work tomorrow (and vice versa). In fact, SEO efforts that worked well as recently as 2015 may prove completely ineffective in 2019. For example, do you know how negative SEO tactics or unintentional mistakes may hurt your business? If not, it’s time to learn. (more…)


Does Your Firm Have a Marketing Automation Strategy?

When it comes to marketing your firm, old-school ad agencies as seen in Mad Men no longer set the tone. You don’t need to hire 10 Don Drapers to effectively promote your services — even if it sounds appealing. These days, the industry buzz is all about setting up your marketing automation strategy. That’s right: Just set it and forget it! Then, let innovative software do all those boring, time-intensive marketing tasks for you… Heck, you can even put them to work while you sleep. (more…)

What Lead Nurturing Is, and Why It Matters for Growing Clientele

If every prospect that discovers your firm immediately converted, mass tort lawyers wouldn’t run expensive TV commercials anymore. Unfortunately, this just isn’t how real life works. A more realistic conversion scenario involves multiple “touch points” before any prospect becomes your signed client. Lead nurturing means offering prospects things they value and education about your services until they’re ready to convert into signed cases. (more…)


Law Firm Marketing Trends to Watch for 2019

What separates successful law firms from those struggling to retain clients and grow revenue each year? Well, it’s not magic — solid law firm marketing is what drives the strongest results. Many smaller firms and solo practices fail to attract new clients because their business development efforts aren’t effective. Bigger practices may waste time on the wrong activities, or over-spend on traditional law firm marketing (like TV and radio spots). If this sounds familiar, keep reading… (more…)


10 Digital Marketing Terms & Tools for Growing Your Firm’s Clientele

The tools of the marketing trade evolve quickly — particularly when it comes to selling your services online. Today, there’s no faster, easier or more cost-efficient way to connect with potential clients than through the internet. First, you must learn which tools will best help you do that — and the lingo that goes along with them. Understanding what certain digital marketing terms mean helps you quickly find and test various online advertising tools for your firm. They’ll also help you track, interpret and improve your campaign’s results over time. (more…)


4 Administrative Tasks You Hate and How to Outsource Them

Small firms and solo attorneys face many challenges in today’s legal market — especially when it comes to acquiring new clients. According to the 2017 Thomson Reuters small law firms survey, 70% said they spend too much time on administrative tasks. Despite this, 81% of respondents also said they won’t do anything to address the problem. This is unfortunate, because time-consuming administrative tasks are cutting into time spent with clients and limiting your firm’s revenue growth. (more…)


How to Convert Leads Into Clients, According to Science

Wish there was a scientific formula that explained how to convert leads into actual paying clients? Good news: there is! The catch is this: it’s not just one specific process. In fact, there are several scientifically sound techniques showing how to convert leads consistently. Below, we’ll explain how to convert your most valuable leads into clients on a regular basis and grow your business. (more…)

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