Ovarian Cancer Plaintiffs Win Historic $4.69 Billion In Damages

On July 12, a Missouri jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay 22 ovarian cancer plaintiffs $4.69 billion in damages. This landmark St. Louis jury ruling against the talcum powder distributor is the largest ovarian cancer verdict awarded to date. Each plaintiff won $25 million in compensatory damages and at least $165 million in punitive damages. The payout for all plaintiffs in this case totals $550 million in actual and $4.14 billion in punitive damages.  (more…)

3 Social Media Challenges for Law Firm Marketing

If you’re using social media channels to market your legal practice, you’re certainly not alone. Nearly everybody in the industry uses social media marketing now, according to the Attorney at Work Social Media Marketing Survey. In fact, 96% of lawyers surveyed are trying to turn Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and LinkedIn connections into new clients. With this landscape rapidly changing, however, firms will face increasing social media challenges trying to market their services this way. (more…)


$1.2 Million Verdict Reached In Cook Celect IVC Filter Trial

On Friday, a Texas jury awarded plaintiff Jeffrey Pavlock, a 35-year-old Houston-area firefighter, $1.2 million following a three-week trial regarding injuries he sustained after implantation of a Cook Celect IVC filter. According to Pavlock, the device fractured, migrated and metal fragments perforated his aorta as well as his duodenum. The case was the first against Cook held in a state court about the IVC, which has been the target of 4,000 lawsuits that claim serious issues for patients. (more…)


Emerging Trends in Tort Cases: New Jersey MCLs, Zofran Bellwethers

Emerging litigation trends to watch this summer include 16 Zofran tort cases for bellwether trials and New Jersey’s multicounty litigation. First, let’s explore how the New Jersey MCL trend, which could add thousands of caseload opportunities for mass tort lawyers nationwide. We’ll also explain how to quickly grow your clientele once you’re ready to take on new tort cases. (more…)


Disability Lawyer Search Trends: Are Your Ads Missing Your Audience?

According to Google Trends, “disability lawyer” searches are on the upswing after dropping significantly from October 2017 to February 2018. If you’re looking for Social Security disability leads, we rank the highest and lowest interest-level states below. We’ll also list some search trends involving terms specifically related to Social Security disability law. (more…)


Unsecured Debt Brings Relief Companies Big Business

Unsecured debt is on the rise again, which leaving many consumers stuck with increasingly higher interest payments every month. Unsecured debt refers to any loan not backed with an underlying asset for collateral, such as your house or vehicle. And while unsecured debt is very common, lenders also carry more risk, which translates to higher interest rates for borrowers. Once borrowers fall behind for six months or longer, that’s typically when debt collectors start calling. And once an account goes to collections, it creates a new business opportunity for consumer credit repair companies. (more…)


Three Little Changes That Can Help Law Firms Increase Conversions

Lawyers spend significant money trying to bring in new clientele. Losing a single opportunity to bring your firm more clients can feel extremely frustrating. But bringing in new leads is challenging, particularly for small and mid-sized law firms. Many lawyers simply pour more money into their ad spend, hoping that increased volume will produce a few signed retainers. But the truth is, if you can find sneaky ways to increase conversions, you’ll spend less to acquire new clients. (more…)


New Elder Abuse Laws Target Financial Scams Against Older Americans

One in 10 older Americans experience abuse each year, according to the Administration for Community Living. Though this is a shockingly high statistic, this issue is getting many people’s attention right now. Last October, President Trump signed the Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act into law. In addition to federal and state elder abuse laws, this new legislation helps track and punish financially motivated telemarketing scams. (more…)

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